I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Hello, my name is Erin.

So our tour guide took a great picture of me??

hahaha @ having panic attacks when youre literally stuck in enormous crowds of semana santa people and being shoved around when you have ten minutes to get un-lost and find your way back to your hotel.

laverne cox and ellen page at the 25th annual glaad media awards

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have LGBTQ organizations ever considered…… like… giving awards/honors to actual LGBTQ people or

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listening to oblivion for the first time , started off like this 


ended up like this


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Yucky weather but look at my milkmaid braids.

Real Spanish sangria was the greatest thing ever.



I’m very annoyed about how I’m seeing so many people taking that “How Privileged Are You” test on facebook. That test does not cover all facets of oppression and actually was pretty adultist, with a lot of the questions being unanswerable by youth/people in high school, especially surrounding…

so this was part of my morning, hbu?
so this way part of my morning, hbu?

My grandma has a lot of ugly 90s tees in the basement.


My grandma has a lot of ugly 90s tees in the basement.

we saw a Jesus procession tonight and Holy Week has not even started yet, Spain might get scary come next week yo


i woke up like this (filled with existential dread)

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